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Liberty Violations Concern Everyone-Think twice before saying, it doesn't already affect you!!!!!

1/23/09 JPC Study Group Report-Looking Injustice In The Eye
Having watched this whole study progress from a bill to introduce JPC in our laws, HF1262, to the completion of the Judiciaries study group report, I can say this has been an amazing process to watch unfold.  In the beginning, the idea for the opposition was to take a play from Washington state and produce a credible report like the one produced from the University of Washington in 2004 that basically said joint custody isn't in the best interest of children and forget about the other information because we can't hear them, the NCP, and MN was hoping this study group would work equally as well for them. 

As it turned out, the Judicial branch did what they should do at a minimum and just stated the facts which is exactly what the report is, a statement of what was discussed.  They didn't draw any conclusions about the what the legislatures should do and only suggested other recommendations to prolong potentially another study.  The board that made up the study group was basically acting like a grand jury and was staked from the beginning of being 13 to 2 with special interest agencies of the state.  Having state employees sit on grand juries in most states is illegal but below is the list of the members of the study group.  It's interesting to note that they said they couldn't conclude anything but they never even took any votes on concluding anything.  The study could have taken a vote at anytime and forced a consensus but didn't and there are many legal reasons why they didn't and shouldn't have, which was a good thing.

The meeting agendas were essentially controlled by Mark Toogood, the GAL director for the state, and chaired by Judge Eide from Carver county who was appointed to convene this group.  Judge Eide and the other Judge, Schellhas, both showed tremendous restraint in not over stepping their powers and I think they should be commended for not letting the state and special interests run away with the agenda. 

With that, the key to understanding this report is what was not said and what they weren't able to conclude.  This is a political war against the family and the weapons are words.  The opposition is trying to hold onto a facade of power that they don't have and want to justify more taxpayer spending by attacking the families and children and would love another never ending study while the discrimination continues to go unabated. 

As is well known, discrimination affects minorities disproportionately but did you know the married family is now a minority group, 49%.  Even within this minority group it's the traditional minorities that are suffering even more and I was impressed with the Employment Action Center, Quincy Boyle, Anthony Kane and John Corliss, who were fathers representing diverse communities telling about how discrimination hurts in more than just one area. In other words, even targeted discrimination has unintended consequences.

In the end, the concerned public citizens and parents affected by this mess have all come together and said loudly to this study group, "Give Us Our Kids Back!"  And, on the other hand, the opposition of judges and special interests groups a much smaller group in terms of public testimony will continue with their game of silencing it's victims to try and keep things the way they are for as long as they can. 

Those opposed to the rebuttable presumption have an interest in keeping things the way they are and that's where UPRO has looked injustice eye and said NO MORE secrecy.  The average citizen alone doesn't stand a chance against this public fury of special interest court procedures and we are on the right side of justice.  These court procedures strip everyone of their individual rights with grouping procedures that have discrimination built into them.  Section 518.17 subd3 (3), states our laws can discriminate on gender just not solely on gender.  The monster that feeds this baby is the IV-D ponzie scheme and any other federal funding program administered by the DHS.

This upcoming legislative session is going to be interesting as the corruption and our rights begin to unfold and our constitution starts to stand up again for God's people.  My philosophy on this is, just because the state may claim to have a foot, it doesn't mean they can bust down my door with their word games.  Equality for Non-Custodial Parents doesn't mean equal treatment for slaves, it means the welfare benefits go with the children's family and we deserve equal legal representation if they are to help our spouses in any way.  We aren't saying they can't enforce a valid agreement entered into fairly by the parties.  We are just saying the mechanisms in which these supposed agreements are being enforced are violating our right to non-voidable due process and illustrate the many procedural defects in the family courts that are violating our constitution.

Here's to UPRO for looking Injustice in the Eye and helping take this deceitful Monster Down!  Without everyone's help we wouldn't have been able to bring balance to the non-report.  The non-report only further proves the judicial branch and the legislators don't have jurisdiction over a Presumption of Joint Physical Custody because We The People already have a Presumption of Innocence secured into our liberty interests and we should be free from special interest rule.  We don't need more judicial discretion in any of these fixes or problems, we need balance in our state statutes without the discrimination which is exactly what a presumption of JPC means. 

Let's stop the City Pages deadbeat bombing campaign and let's resolve the differences for the People and let's start by saving the tax payers money by only providing welfare benefits for those that qualify for benefits and then keeping the benefits with the children's family.  Does MN really have a state interest in splitting up the American family?  The answer is yes if they continue they way they are.  If the state has any law contrary to sound doctrine we need to repeal or pass new laws and this next set of legislative sessions are going to be interesting.

Study Group Members:
The Honorable Kevin Eide served as the chair of the Study Group. The members of the Study Group were: Chad Barthelemy, Citizen Representative; Sharon Durken, Minnesota Kinship Caregivers Association; Jeffrey L. Edleson, Ph.D., University of Minnesota School of Social Work; Ben Henschel, American Academy of Matrimonial Lawyers, Minnesota Chapter; Paul Masiarchin, Minnesota Fathers and Families Network; Jill Olson, Minnesota Department of Human Services; Molly Olson, Center for Parental Responsibility; Irene Opsahl, Legal Aid Society; Glen Palm, Ph.D., Child and Family Studies, St. Cloud State University; Liz Richards, Minnesota Coalition for Battered Women; Judge Heidi Schellhas, Minnesota Court of Appeals; James Street, Southern Minnesota Regional Legal Services; and Pamela Waggoner, Minnesota State Bar Association. The Study Group was staffed by Mark Toogood, Family Services and Guardian ad Litem Manager, and Jodie Metcalf, Manager, Child support Magistrate Program. Nancy Ver Steegh, Vice Dean for Academic Programs, William Mitchell College of Law, served as a nonparticipating reporter, and Jim Hilbert, Center for Negotiation and Justice, William Mitchell College of Law, facilitated two meetings.

Read the Report (12.94 MB)

Just thought this was interesting and how they played it off.

Sent: Thursday, January 15, 2009 4:17 PM
Subject: Judicial Branch Releases Joint Physical Custody Presumption Study Group Report

This News Item was sent to the following groups: 

Custody Study Group, State GAL Program, State JAD, and Other Interested Parties

News Item

Judicial Branch Releases Joint Physical Custody Presumption Study Group Report

Posted: Thursday, January 15, 2009

The Judicial Branch has released the Joint Physical Child Custody Presumption Study Group Report, which considers the impacts of a presumption of joint physical custody in Minnesota.  State Court Administrator, Sue Dosal, was charged by the 2008 Legislature with convening the study group.

Led by Carver County Judge Kevin W. Eide, the group met throughout the fall, reviewed many scholarly articles and the experience of other states, conducted a well-attended public hearing on the issue, and received hundreds of written comments.  "While the group ultimately did not feel they had enough data, nor consensus, to recommend a change to the custody statutes at this time, they did cover considerable ground and have put together a foundational piece of work for the Legislature to consider," said Judge Eide.

"The group worked diligently to comply with the ambitious scope of their charge under a very short timeline," said State Court Administrator Sue Dosal.

Among their primary findings, the Study Group found that:

·       Idaho is the only state that appears to have a clear presumption of joint physical custody
Nine states have adopted presumptions of joint physical custody that apply only when both parents have agreed
The District of Columbia and eight states, including Minnesota, have presumptions in favor of joint legal custody
·       Minnesota is the only state that specifies a presumptive minimum percentage of parenting time that the non-custodial parent must receive (25 percent)

Read the Report (12.94 MB)


11/24/08 JPC Study Group MN
A legislative study group commissioned by the legislature to have the Judicial branch investigate the impact a presumption of JPC would have in MN.

Current Legal Status Per Appellate Court Judge-First Hand testimony that Anoka County follows it's own rules in the court of equity.

Nancy Lazaryan and Troy Molde testifying on Natural Law.

Les Jobst from Fathers for Justice testifying for a presumption of JPC.

Judge Eide at end of 11/24/08 meeting saying there are limits to what the judicial branch can produce.  In a nutshell our parental rights are an at law issue and they are dancing around the issue.  At law issues mean our constitutional protections apply.

Written Testimony Submitted To Study Group

Written Submissions Page MN Courts

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Ridiculous!  Here in the United States?
Everyday hundreds if not thousands of Citizens lose their secured right to liberty and are denied their right to trial by jury before their liberty is removed or restricted.

How can that be? How can a person’s liberties be removed without a jury trial?

Don’t we have a constitution that guarantees a person’s liberty will not be taken unless a jury decides the person guilty?

Apparently the legislature and judges in Minnesota have failed to read and abide by the state and federal constitutions, as these “public servants” have created, maintained and continue to enforce an unconstitutional prison known as “Family Law”.

The United States Supreme Court has repeatedly upheld parental rights are “perhaps the oldest of the fundamental liberty interests recognized by this court.” But, once a person enters the quagmire of “Family Law” all liberty rights also known as parental rights, are stripped from the Citizen.

Children are repeatedly and consistently removed from their parent(s) without a jury trial. Parents are GUILTY first and then must prove their innocence. Perjury is rampant and totally accepted by the judges.

UPRO has valiantly fought with other Citizen groups to expose the wholesale elimination of liberty within the prison known as “Family Law”.

In their efforts they have petitioned the legislature to repeal unconstitutional “Family Law” statutes. Instead of responding and acting upon the demands of the People to cease the violations of our liberties, the Minnesota legislature formed a “special study group” to evaluate the impact of “Joint Physical Custody” in divorce cases.

For this “special study group” to evaluate the impact of “Joint Physical Custody”, the group will have to first proclaim that parents have NO parental rights. The group would have to determine that the children all belong to the state and the parents have never “had” Joint Physical Custody prior to the separation.

Every parent that enters the courtroom already HAS “Joint Physical Custody” of his/her child(ren).  The status (relationship) between the parent and the child does not change merely because the parents are separating. The United States Supreme Court cases that declare our rights to parent as constitutionally secured as LIBERTY means that ONLY a jury can remove our right to fully parent our children.

The corrupt system in Minnesota, which created a multi-billion dollar industry that feeds off the destruction of the family, has commissioned a study to justify the violations of our liberty. Ninety percent of the members of the study group all benefit from the lawless removal of children from their parents. On Sept 22nd, Oct 27th, Nov 24th, and Dec 15th, 2008 Mondays (1:30 to 4pm)--Judicial Center St Paul 25 Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King--Room G06 this “special study group” will convene.

UPRO is inviting any true Citizens remaining in the state to attend, have your voice heard and stand shoulder to shoulder as we fight for our secured right to liberty.

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7/22/08 Rights Already Secured To The Citizen
Since When Did We Need A License To Run For Office?  The Right and Duty of the sovereign people is decide what person is qualified for public office by deciding which candidate is more qualified through an impartial election administered by our Secretary of State Mark Richie.  We created our government and we decided long ago who gets to serve us, which is the fundamental question being argued here
Minnesota State Constitution ARTICLE VI JUDICIARY Sec. 5. QUALIFICATIONS; COMPENSATION. Judges of the supreme court, the court of appeals and the district court shall be learned in the law.

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7/17/08 St Paul City Council Open Meeting Violation #3
Nancy Lazaryan and Bob Zick showing their viewers one of the problems with the St. Paul City Council in that they are violating the peoples rights.  Click here for related blog.

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7/11/08 Felony Police Actions Part 1
Anoka County is rolling of the dice with your rights folks!  The sheriffs office was called to help a parent exercise their court order and was denied their civil liberties.  See what happens when our federal laws are not followed and how a biased culture at the county courthouse can breed ignorance amongst other public officials within the community that can create a potential liability for the community and our officers. Click here for related blog and other video's on this matter.

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7/9/08 Jessie Ventura At Barns and Noble-->The Media Is In The Back Pocket of The Two Parties
While it maybe easy to disagree with some of Jessie's ideas and policies for our government, it's not hard to agree with him when he starts criticizing our government and the media.  The Bigger the Lie the Easier the Sell-Adolph Hitler

7/7/08 Continuing Education For Our Police On Our Constitution
Another 4th Amendment Violation, Troy Molde who had the police break into his home because he didn't answer his door at 3am giving some insight on how we can help uphold our rights as citizens.  Click here for related blog.

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7/4/08 Bush Touring America To Survey Damage Caused By His Disastrous Presidency
Click here to see this funny video from the Onion.

7/2/08 City of St Paul Evicting People From Their Homes
The City of St Paul held a public hearing but didn't want the public to talk about what they were really doing.  The issue is whenever a homeowner or a tenant falls behind in one of their utility bills, the city believes they have the authority to just come and condemn your home if your home doesn't meet the current inspection requirements.  This is another form of eminent domain that is completely outside the scope of our government and elected officials are getting away with it.  Normally the St Paul City Council meetings are aired on Public Access TV but guess what, I hear this meeting hasn't been televised yet, wonder why?  Click here for related blog.
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6/30/08 Senate Set to Renew 1997 Law that Rewards the CPS to Kidnap Children
Billions of taxpayers dollars will be used to make a business out of denying us our rights.  Click here to find out more.

6/22/08 Lakeville Police Breaking An Entry
Just because your door isn't locked, it doesn't give anyone a right to enter your home without permission.  At 3am this guy was woken up in his bedroom with flashlights in his face from the Lakeville police department as a friendly reminder to shut his garage door.  Is this good public policy?  Click here to see what the police saw to judge for yourself it this was an unlawful entry by the police department.

6/17/08 Obama Selling Out Fathers on Fathers Day
Apparently Obama in order win favor of the women voters has made a speech on Fathers Day that has mistakenly put the blame on the breakdown of the family on absentee fathers.  Nice way to celebrate Fathers Day.  Click here for his offensive video.

6/17/08 Ron Paul Ending His Bid For President
While his presidential bid has ended, the revolution has just begun.  Click here to find out his next steps for the people to take back our government.

6/12/08 Guest on Speechless Show Talking About The Right of First Refusal?
  Speechless show hosted by Tim Kinley, president of, talking about a parents  experience at the YMCA in Andover when he tried to check out his daughter early against a court order. Click here

6/11/08 Ask the YMCA in Andover, What Right They Have to Hold Our Children?
  First day of summer vacation and the kids are in daycare, but what if you are home and available, shouldn't a court order specifying the right of first refusal be enough to check your kids out of the YMCA if you have joint legal custody?  Ask the YMCA why a business decision to enroll your child into their YMCA programs against your will can become a financial incentive affecting one of our inalienable rights as citizens and the police are afraid to do anything about it.  Tell them you like to be flipped off too.  Click here for related blog.

5/26/08 Video of Front Porch OFP Hearing Incident
  The front porch footage of the OFP incident related to the Fake OFP claim dated 5/2/08.  Click here

5/24/08 Grand Jury Investigation-Click here
A new resolution being proposed to take back our sovereign rights as individuals.

5/2/08 Video of an OFP Hearing by a False Accuser-Click here
  The defendant had a video camera of the alleged domestic violence offense and played it for the judge to see.  The mother's request for an OFP was denied after getting caught in numerous lies and deceptions.  The video is 1.5 hours long and will take a while to watch but it is definitely worth it just to see someone actually get caught trying to use the system like so many vindictive parents have been doing.



This site is dedicated to fighting for peoples rights outlined by our constitution as they pertain to family law and child custody issues.  The goal of this site is to remove the obstacles that prevent fit loving parents from being fully, equally and intimately involved in their children's daily lives and to return all the children to the parents of those who have been denied due process of law as outlined by our constitution. 

As citizens of the old Eastern European Bloc once feared, it is now our parents who live in fear of the "knock on the door" and when every thought or gesture is exposed to the judgment of one's fellow citizens, the boundaries between public and private lives become clouded by an institutionalized ideology of a bureaucracy that is painfully inconsistent with the founding principles of our country and constitution.

When dealing with the best interests of the children is hard to separate them from the best interest of the parents, yet it's our social workers, therapists, foster care providers and family court lawyers who all have a vested interest in taking over our parental function.  These groups get their power by working in collusion with our judiciary by blatantly and openly ignoring our constitution by saying it simply just doesn't apply in the family courts.   Combined with the matching federal funds for child support, adoption programs, foster homes, federally funded interested groups and pharmaceutical companies, together they all drive public policy for their own agenda and they do it all under the disguise of that of our children. 

Believe it or not, if officials do not approve of what you do within your own home or they disagree with medical treatment options you may have chosen for your children, they have a license to march off with your children and there is little recourse if any for a victimized parent to pursue, and that is the big part of the problem here because no one has been watching the supposed watchers.  In addition to our children being kidnapped by the state, some fit loving parents are being forced to drug their children against their wishes with potent and dangerous psychiatric medications in order to make life easier for the states caregiver. 

When child-support guidelines exceed the true cost of raising our children, disputes in parenting time becomes less about the children's best interest and instead becomes more about the financial incentives and the power that comes with "having the kids".  When allegations, speculation and opinions are all treated the same as facts, the states become an enforcer of court orders that are essentially based on lies, deception and a believable story line.  The troubling part is, so long at the version of the story line fit's with their desired outcome, the courts will continue to support their decisions even when faced with conflicting evidence of actual facts, kind of like fact shopping where anything goes with an outcome that has already been predetermined.  While applying the constitution may not be as efficient at making convictions, those who abandon or otherwise abuse their children can still be formally charged, tried, and sentenced according to due process of law without suspending the constitution for the rest of us.  More information about this site in the Contact section.

Inalienable rights are endowed to us as individuals and aren't suppose to be negotiated away by a mob force. 

One of the most instinctive, adamant, forceful urges of human beings is to protect their own children.
The Family Courts present themselves as the solution to the very problems they themselves have created.
75% of the men and 35% of  the women think the laws are slanted towards mothers. Sanford Braver
Most divorces are brought on by the wives!
Are constitutional protections just reserved for the citizens that have done nothing wrong?
Marrying solely to acquire the benefits of divorce does have an appeal.
For the first time in history, married families are now a minority group.
Everything else being equal, it is more financially rewarding to have children with more than one father.
Custody: All about the power of the adults
Painting individuals into groups or categories is unconstitutional without a jury trial.
Soviet Union conviction rates are around 90%, Family Courts conviction rates are just as comparable if not higher.
Constitutional rights extends even to those in which our convictions are challenged!
Our individual freedoms are lost when our society is allowed to barter away our inalienable rights by grouping citizens into categories of fortunate and less fortunate.
While we may agree on the common goals, we just disagree on the parties solutions.
When one parent says "Let's share custody" and the other parent says, "No, I want sole custody," which parent is demanding to be in control? 
Revolutions are hard on bad policies.

Volunteers Needed

We are looking for volunteers to help organize, promote and take action for peoples rights.

"Equality doesn't come by bringing the top down but instead is achieved by bring the bottom up."

"In order for the states to maximize their welfare functions, they must discriminate as much as possible."

Health Care Initiative-Eliminate all pre-existing condition clauses on all health care packages and health care related services and limit the questions pharmaceutical and insurance companies can ask customers related to billing or intake questions, kind of like a customers bill of rights by restoring the citizens right to privacy and unreasonable search and seizures by private or public institutions.  Healthcare is an inalienable right and we need to make sure everyone has it and can afford it.

Tax Reform-While our government needs the ability to stimulate our economy and protect ourselves from foreign or domestic wars on our currency, we can right now stimulate our economy by flat-lining the growth tax on citizens overtime earnings.




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