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Domestic Violence in the family courts has been redefined to include anything that causes displeasure. 

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   After reviewing the preponderance of evidence before us, American Citizens are being convicted of crimes and evicted from their homes without any shred of evidence that they have committed any legal infraction.

01/14/09 Inside Insight Show RNC Arrests-Exposing Dual Interests
Host Bob Zick and Nancy Lazaryan show how ignorant or far behind our leaders are on what's really going on.  In this show they expose the conflicts of interest between lawyers and politicians.  Sen Latz, "I take a few oaths. I take an oath to the courts as part of my law license and am an officer of the court.  I also take an oath to the constitution as part of my elected office and I have an obligation to my clients."  Lawyers are officers of the court, they take an oath to the court and so a politician that is also a lawyer serves in more than one branch of our government and their oaths conflict with each other and opens the door to special interest legislation for our judicial branch to where "We the People" aren't being represented and nobody is being held accountable.

Nancy also gives Heffelfinger, Chair of the RNC report, something to think about during the press conference for the RNC report,

Nancy working around road blocks at the capitol with Mee Moa's assistant trying to set up a meeting.

Nancy now getting police escorts when she arrives at the capitol with camera.

Enjoy the show, very educational.

11/30/08 Inside Insight Show RNC Convention
Reporter getting arrested at RNC convention following up with county prosecutor on the charges of unlawful assembly.

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8/27/08 Protesters At DNC Get Trapped By Police

8/20/08 Is The Gov Bubble Ready For A Correction? Quick, Let's Bail It Out!
We are working towards a stewardship with the American People to restore the constitution, enact a consumer bill of rights, provided our workers a great place to work with better benefits and tax savings, secure our healthcare with a patience bill of rights, and restore the presumption of innocence back into our courtrooms for all our future generations by putting the peoples interests and rights ahead of corporate and governmental interests! 

As a community it is up to us to provide a healthy environment for our children and provide opportunities for them with a solid educational background or trade skills and to provide help for others to be or become more self sufficient and contributing members of society and right now is not the time to cut those areas of funding.  In fact we need to increase those areas of funding and consider educating our future generations as an investment into a skilled labor force that our businesses can pull from. 

In regards to our economy, we are experiencing corrections in many markets, most noticeably the devaluation of our homes in the real-estate market, and some of us have just barely broken even from Y2K bubble.  Combined with scandals like Enron, excessive corporate mergers and stealing of public assets along with labor strikes combined with unsecured employee pensions and retirement dates that are pushing out along with increased inflation that hasn't kept up with our raises, we should be concerned people.  And, when they say at least Wall Street is stable.  It's like ya that old wobbly roller coaster is something we really want to ride or count on.  

Furthermore, consumers and the American people have been strapped with increased fuel costs due to the extra demand from the war in Iraq which has inadvertently affected sale prices and increased costs across all consumer goods and when we combine these troubles with interest rates at all-time lows, affecting how fast money is generated and unemployment rates raising even though we have many troops overseas that will affect the rate even worse when they come home and on to top of all that, our governments, federally all the way down to the local level are being shell gamed into higher property taxes and social program taxes on the people. These social programs have become accustomed to exponential growth during the inflationary period not too long ago which has created an over-inflated expansionary budget that the governments jumped on and haven't been very successful at getting off of either. 

Just like our economy experiences corrections all the time and it's only plausible that we aren't also in for a governmental correction as well.  Corrections like separating politicians and judges from working together but instead make the judges act more like the compiler of the codes of law and maintaining the proper hierarchies of the fed constitution, the state constitution, state statutes and city ordinances.  In other words, they need to work against each other and not together when deciding or interpreting new laws.  The Judiciary should not be allowed to conduct a biased study relating to family law other than to to check the validity of our laws and natural laws.

We need to revamp our social needs and priorities in spending.  Police, Fire, Emergency, Medical Care, Transportation, Judiciary and Education are essential items to our governmental purpose and when a family or a citizen falls to meet their essential needs, it's societies fault and we need to pick them back up and get them the help they need.  Likewise, when when we fail to provide just the basic opportunities like education and healthcare equally for everyone and an individual fails to take advantage of it it's their fault as citizens.

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8/5/08 Mary Winkler Walks

Mary Winkler--who shot her husband in the back and then refused to aid him or call 911 as he slowly bled to death for 20 minutes--walked away a free woman last year after serving a farcically brief "sentence" for her crimes.

Mary Winkler’s claims of abuse were largely uncorroborated during the trial. According to the testimony from Matthew Winkler's oldest daughter, Patricia, the dead father--who as he lay dying looked at his wife and asked "why?"--was a good man and did not abuse her mother.

Mary Winkler has been in a custody battle with Matthew Winkler's parents, who have been raising the three girls since the murder. The Winklers sought to terminate Mary Winkler's parental rights and adopt the girls, a position I've supported. Mary Winkler was granted supervised visits with her daughters last year. Now, sadly, she has gained back custody of the three girls, which is clearly not in the girls' best interests.

To learn more, see my recent blog post on it here, my co-authored column No child custody for husband-killer Mary Winkler (World Net Daily, 9/14/07), or click here.

On a related note, many of you have written to me about the new English law proposal which will make it easier for allegedly abused women who plan the murders of their husbands to defend themselves legally. I discussed the proposals and the general issue of domestic violence on the BBC last week. According to the Daily Mail:

Women who kill abusive partners in cold blood could escape a murder conviction if they prove they feared more violence.  Under a major government review, they will be punished for the lesser offence of manslaughter, sparing them a mandatory life sentence.  They must establish only that they were responding to a 'slow burn' of abuse...

Women's groups had long campaigned for changes to the law to protect victims of domestic violence who hit back in desperation.

But the proposed new partial defence for killers who feel 'seriously wronged' by 'words and conduct' took experts completely by surprise.

Robert Whelan of the Civitas think-tank accused Ministers of introducing 'gang law' into the legal system.

He said: 'To take someone's life because they say something that offends you is the law of gang culture.

'Are we really going to introduce into our criminal justice system that it is a defence to say, "I was insulted"?'

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7/29/08 The CPS Can Come Into Your Home And Take Your Children For Any Reason They Want
No Warrant, No Judges Signature, No Evidence of a crime, nothing is needed for the CPS to come into you home and take your children except an allegation.  To fight a bogus allegation, an innocent parent will certainly face a lot of legal headaches and will be lucky to survive.  A family from Texas wanted to point out that what the CPS did to them can also happen to any parent it pleases and if you don't cooperate they will just assume you are guilty.

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7/29/08 Search And Seizure-Border Patrol Gone Wild
Watch these Videos carefully. The officer never asks the passenger about immigration. He only demands that he exits the car and to stop filming so they can search the car. This checkpoint is about 60 miles from the border. To go from Phoenix AZ to LA he hit 5 checkpoints. These "Immigration checkpoints" and Martial Law checkpoints continue to pop up. New Orleans, DC, Chicago......Is your neighborhood next? Notice in this video that the border patrol NEVER asks him a question other than to stop filming him and to ALLOW him to search him by exiting the vehicle. This whole time the "officer" keeps using circular logic to try and trick the passenger to exit the vehicle. The reasonable suspicion that he states is also circular logic. You're suspicious because your evading questioning..Then that means that you have the right to search everyone that questions you? No officer Villanueva, that's not how it works

No you do not have the right to touch the vehicle. No you do not have the right to open the door of a vehicle. No you do not have the right to remove someone from the car without grounds. There was a lot that happened after the camera was turned off. The officer admitted that he knew it was private property on film right before it turns off. After this they continued to try and trick them to allow them to search the car. He asked the officer "What's the purpose of the stop" to which he replied "Immigration checkpoint".. So why do they have drug dogs and want to search the car? Can dogs smell illegal aliens? Can anyone else see right through this?


7/29/08 House Judiciary Hearing on Executive Powers
Rep. Rep Dennis Kucinich at the hearing and before hearing on CSPAN

Rep. Steve King's 

Rep. Jerrold Nadler

Bruce Fein

Vincent Bugliosi Prosecutor of Charles Manson

Lamar Smith

Robert Wexler

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7/29/08 Fox News Busted?  Come On, Really?
The O'Really Factor takes a new meaning so don't even try to say you are surprised by any of this but it's official, Fox News gets their talking points from the White House for their prime-time propaganda machine.

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7/24/08 ACLU MN Protects 1st Amendment Right Against Retaliation
St. Paul, MN - The ACLU-MN filed an Amicus Curiae brief on behalf of Mr. James Stengrim, in support of his First Amendment rights. Mr. Stengrim was sued by the Middle-Snake-Tamarac Rivers Watershed District, a local government entity, for expressing an opinion critical of the District's flood control plans. Mr. Stengrim and other land owners opposing the flood control project filed suit against the District in 2002. At that time a settlement agreement was reached and one provision of it forbade the land owners from challenging the project again. read more...

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7/22/08 Rights Already Secured To The Citizen-->Click here to skip down to the video!
Since When Did We Need A License To Run For Office?
  The Right and Duty of the sovereign people is decide what person is qualified for public office by deciding which candidate is more qualified through an impartial election administered by our Secretary of States Office headed by Mark Richie.  We created our government and we decided long ago who gets to serve us, which is the fundamental question being argued here. 

The government has said, it's not the peoples right to govern themselves and, to understand this, let's start by asking the question; Why would the Judicial branch or legislators want the ability to control the group who gets to serve office?  Could it be so that the government can control itself? Become self governing?

Our government is no longer controlled by the people but is instead controlled by an elitist group of judges, politicians and corporate media outlets that control our information.  We the "sheeple" are suppose to decide who can run for office, it's not suppose to be the judges, politicians, the governor or the secretary of states job to decide who is going to serve or run our offices, we the people are suppose to be able to decide that.

Think about what is going on here, the attorneys have essentially taken over our political system.  Ok, breath a little and hear me out, the attorneys have sworn an oath to the judicial branch of our government and by doing that they are basically serving duel offices when they act as both an attorney and a politician and are essentially violating the separation of powers clause by holding duel offices in our branches of government.  This poses a conflict of interest when swearing their oath of office to uphold the constitutions and to that of their profession which requires a license by possessing a special privilege.  It causes a conflict of interest for our lawyers and it poses a conflict of interest across our state government which needs to be rectified.

Attorneys swear an oath to NEVER go against the judge. Because of this oath, the attorneys are all OFFICERS of the COURT!

The attorneys all "hold an office" in the judicial branch.

The Minnesota Constitutions specifically states that a person CANNOT hold an office in two branches of government at the same time.

But many attorneys in Minnesota REFUSE to obey our constitutions and they hold TWO offices in different branches of government at the same time.

For example, many legislators are attorneys, and by holding an office in the legislature at the same time they are "officers" in the judicial branch…they are violating our Minnesota constitution. These attorneys, many times promote and enact laws that benefit them in their law practices, corporations and private gains using our public assets.

Governor Tim Pawlenty is no different, as he is a sworn officer of the court (an attorney) at the same time he is the Governor (in the Executive branch). Pawlenty is in violation of our state constitution. Pawlenty refuses to call a grand jury to investigate the criminal actions of certain judges. Why? Because Pawlenty, an attorney, has sworn an oath to NEVER oppose a judge.

So it comes down to this…
Do the PEOPLE have a right to CHOSE who they want to be serving them as a judge?
And…until We Start Paying Attention.. The attorneys and special interest groups will continue to have complete control over OUR government and our rights.

If you haven't noticed the state legislators have acted as if they think they can legislate our constitutional rights away but they aren't suppose to be able too which means they aren't suppose to be able too legislate our constitutional right to elect our officials away either. 

Minnesota State Constitution ARTICLE VI JUDICIARY Sec. 5. QUALIFICATIONS; COMPENSATION. Judges of the supreme court, the court of appeals and the district court shall be learned in the law. The qualifications of all other judges and judicial officers shall be prescribed by law. The compensation of all judges shall be prescribed by the legislature and shall not be diminished during their term of office. [Amended, November 2, 1982].

According to the MN Supreme court, the American Bar Association (ABA) “approves” the colleges that a person must attend and graduate from before taking the exam from the “Board of Law Examiners”.  Basically,

The Supreme Court has COMPLETE control over who gets to be an attorney. And,

The Supreme Court also has COMPLETE control over who becomes a judge too.

The Supreme Court puts together the Minnesota State Board of Law Examiners (who create a "test") and then the Board "recommends" someone to get licensed to the MN Sup. Ct. The MN Supreme Court then decides whether the person actually gets the license to practice law and now you have to have a license if you want to run for judge. (And you have to attend and graduate from one of the schools that the Court says is a "qualified school")
Here is a link you need to see:

Can you IMAGINE if the Legislators created a test and decided (even if a person passes the test) whether or not the person can run for the office of state rep. or senator? 

Thus, those that have the right to do something cannot be licensed for what they already have the right to do as such license would be meaningless. City of Chicago v. Collins. 

A "license” apparently grants or confers some sort of right or privilege. Privileges which are comparable to businesses that uses public assets for private or personal gain or those who are engaged in commercial activity.  A license then can only be required of someone who does not already have an inherent right to be able to perform what is already a secured right of theirs such as represent oneself "In Propria Persona" instead of "Pro Se" in a court proceeding or to say in this case, run for public office or have to secure a defense for which the state had not properly stated as facts beyond a reasonable doubt. 

If you followed it this far, you the citizen therefore shouldn't have to already secure a right that one already possesses by way of a license.  A license is a privilege granted by “the State,” to constitute a privilege, the grant must confer authority to do something which, without the grant, would be illegal;

In other words, "The power to regulate does not necessarily include the power to license.  In passing on the question of whether in a particular case the power to regulate includes the power to license; it is well to bear in mind the distinction between a regulation and a license.  Regulations apply equally to all.  A license, however, gives to the licensee a special privilege not accorded to others and which he himself otherwise would not enjoy.  Once a power to license exists, certain acts become illegal for all who have not been licensed." Brooklyn Center v. Rippen, 255 Minn. 334, 96 N.W.2d 585 (1959);  Note 3 See, 33 Am. Jur., Licenses, Sec. 2; 53 C.J.S., License, Sub. Sec. 1 and 3. 

 Storer v Brown, 415 US 724, 759 - 761, 39 L Ed 2d 714, 740 - 741; "The Court acknowledges the burdens imposed by § 6830(d) (Supp 1974) upon fundamental personal liberties, see ante, at 734, 39 L Ed 2d, at 726, but agrees with the State's assertion that the burdens are justified by the State's compelling interest in the stability of its political system, ante, at 736, 39 L Ed 2d, at 727.  Without § 6830(d) (Supp 1974), the argument runs, the party's primary system, an integral part of the election process, is capable of subversion by a candidate who first opts to participate in that method of ballot access, and later abandons the party and its candidate- selection process, taking with him his party supporters.  Thus, in sustaining the validity of § 6830(d) (Supp 1974), the Court finds compelling the State's interests in preventing splintered parties and unrestricted factionalism and protecting the direct-primary system, ante, at 736, 39 L Ed 2d, at 727.<fn 2> [415 US 760] * * * "Compelling state interests may not be pursued by "means that unnecessarily burden or restrict constitutionally protected activity.  Statutes affecting constitutional rights must be drawn with 'precision,' NAACP v Button, 371 US 415, 438, 9 L Ed 2d 405, 83 S Ct 328 (1963); United States v Robel, 389 US 258, 265, 19 L Ed 2d 508, 88 S Ct 419 (1967), and must be 'tailored' to serve their legitimate objectives.  Shapiro v Thompson [394 US 618, 631 (1969)] [22 L Ed 2d 600, 89 S Ct 1322].  And if there are other, reasonable ways to achieve those goals with a lesser burden on constitutionally protected activity, a State may not choose the way of greater interference.  If it acts at all, it must choose 'less drastic means.'  Shelton v Tucker, 364 US 479, 488 [5 L Ed 2d 231, 81 S Ct 247] (1960). Dunn v Blumstein, 405 US, at 343, 31 L Ed 2d 274."

 Miller v United States, 230 F. 486 at 489."The claim and exercise of a constitutional right cannot be converted into a crime."

 “While states are really sovereign as to all matters which have not been granted to United States, Constitution and laws of the latter are supreme law of land, and when they conflict with state laws, they are of paramount authority and obligation.” Ex parte Siebold (1880) 100 US 371, 25 L Ed 717.

Watch Secretary of State Video Below:

Watch these other videos from

Secret Service Getting Involved and Detaining MNChange At a McCain Event.

See Republican Party v White which started all this by the way, by basically illustrating that when Judges run for office there doesn't really happen to be any restrictions on a judges freedom of speech and so they can essentially make any number of campaign promises on cases they haven't yet heard. 

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7/17/08 St Paul City Council Open Meeting Violation #3
Nancy Lazaryan and Bob Zick showing their viewers one of the problems with the St. Paul City Council in that they are violating the peoples rights.

Subd. 3. Forfeit office if three violations. (a) If a person has been found to have intentionally violated this chapter in three or more actions brought under this chapter involving the same governing body, such person shall forfeit any further right to serve on such governing body or in any other capacity with such public body for a period of time equal to the term of office such person was then serving.

Morris v. Sax Supreme Court Ruling on how city ordinances are not suppose to supersede state statutes.

(b) Any interested person must be allowed reasonable time to present relevant testimony at the public hearing. The proceedings of the hearing must be recorded and available to the public for review and comment at reasonable times and a reasonable place. At the next regular meeting of the local government that is at least 30 days after the public hearing, the local government must vote on the question of whether to authorize the local government or local government agency to use eminent domain to acquire the property.

Other Related Videos: 7/2/08_City_of_St_Paul_Evicting_People_From_Their_Homes

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7/11/08 Felony Police Actions Part 11
Anoka county officials are rolling the dice with your rights people and it's not just with the Sheriffs office!  The question is could, the sheriffs office with the use of deadly force be liable for deprivation of parenting time which is a felony according to state statutes and could the officers be removed from service for not upholding their oath of office?  The sheriffs office was called to help a parent exercise their court order and was denied their civil liberties.  See what happens when our federal laws are not followed and how a biased culture at the county courthouse can create a potential legal nightmare for the community and our officers to have to deal with.  The question is, are parental rights really a civil matter as the county attorney's office would like the community to believe or are they fundamental rights?  Check out Troxel vs Granville to see what the supreme court has to say about a matter related to this situation to judge for yourself.

    Subdivision 1. Scope. For the purposes of this chapter and chapter 518A, the following terms have the meanings provided in this section unless the context clearly requires otherwise.
    Subd. 3. Custody. Unless otherwise agreed by the parties:
(a) "Legal custody" means the right to determine the child's upbringing, including education, health care, and religious training.
(b) "Joint legal custody" means that both parents have equal rights and responsibilities, including the right to participate in major decisions determining the child's upbringing, including education, health care, and religious training.
(c) "Physical custody and residence" means the routine daily care and control and the residence of the child.
(d) "Joint physical custody" means that the routine daily care and control and the residence of the child is structured between the parties.
(e) Wherever used in this chapter, the term "custodial parent" or "custodian" means the person who has the physical custody of the child at any particular time.

    Subdivision 1. Prohibited acts. Whoever intentionally does any of the following acts may be charged with a felony and, upon conviction, may be sentenced as provided in subdivision 6:
(1) conceals a minor child from the child's parent where the action manifests an intent substantially to deprive that parent of parental rights or conceals a minor child from another person having the right to parenting time or custody where the action manifests an intent to substantially deprive that person of rights to parenting time or custody;
(3) takes, obtains, retains, or fails to return a minor child from or to the parent in violation of a court order, where the action manifests an intent substantially to deprive that parent of rights to parenting time or custody;
(4) takes, obtains, retains, or fails to return a minor child from or to a parent after commencement of an action relating to child parenting time or custody but prior to the issuance of an order determining custody or parenting time rights, where the action manifests an intent substantially to deprive that parent of parental rights;
(6) refuses to return a minor child to a parent or lawful custodian and is at least 18 years old and more than 24 months older than the child;

   Subd. 4. Return of child; costs. A child who has been concealed, obtained, or retained in violation of this section shall be returned to the person having lawful custody of the child or shall be taken into custody pursuant to section 260C.175, subdivision 1, paragraph (b), clause (2). In addition to any sentence imposed, the court may assess any expense incurred in returning the child against any person convicted of violating this section. The court may direct the appropriate county welfare agency to provide counseling services to a child who has been returned pursuant to this subdivision.

    Subd. 6. Penalty. (a) Except as otherwise provided in paragraph (b) and subdivision 5, whoever violates this section may be sentenced as follows:
(1) to imprisonment for not more than two years or to payment of a fine of not more than $4,000, or both; or
(2) to imprisonment for not more than four years or to payment of a fine of not more than $8,000, or both, if the court finds that:
(i) the defendant committed the violation while possessing a dangerous weapon or caused substantial bodily harm to effect the taking;

Another Father In Minnesota "Shall and Shall2"

7/9/08 Jessie Ventura At Barns and Noble-->The Media Is In The Back Pocket of The Two Parties
While it maybe easy to disagree with some of Jessie's ideas and policies for our government, it's not hard to agree with him when he starts criticizing our government and the media.  The Bigger the Lie the Easier the Sell-Adolph Hitler

7/7/08 Continuing Education For Police On Our Constitution
Another 4th Amendment Violation, Troy Molde who had the police break into his home because he didn't answer his door at 3am, giving some insight on how we can help uphold our rights as citizens by requiring the police department to have classes on the constitution as part of their continuing education.

7/2/08 City of St Paul Evicting People From Their Homes
The City of St Paul held a public hearing but didn't want the public to talk about what they were really doing.  The issue is whenever a homeowner or a tenant falls behind in one of their utility bills, the city believes they can come and condemn your home if it doesn't meet the current inspection requirements.  This is another form of eminent domain that is completely outside the scope of our government and we need to close these kinds of loopholes and prevent these kinds of people from being so careless with our rights.  The following, is a link to the City Councils website where you can find out who these people are, that said St Paul residents, please take note and get these people out of office before other cities start thinking they can follow their lead.  This is egregious in it's worse sense because even a new home that is only a couple of years old could be found out of current compliance and can be condemned by the city leaving the homeowner defenseless to the government profiteers if the homeowner doesn't have the resources to fight it or comply. 

Think about it, within 30 day's your new home could be destroyed and you would have to pay the city back for the demolition costs and the land developers in your area that have ties to the city council could be making a killing off of you. Wake up people!  Does the government really work for you or do they work for themselves.  Not only that but agenda number 56, which was the last on on the agenda for this Public Hearing by the way, is also in court and which means the city has no authority or jurisdiction over the matter, the courts have jurisdiction, but hey that's our government in Minnesota for you. 

On last piece of information to ponder normally these St Paul City Council meetings are aired on Public Access TV CH18 on Thursdays at 5:30 p.m., Saturdays at 12:30 p.m., and Sundays at 1:00 p.m. but guess what, I hear this meeting hasn't been and probably won't be televised.  Anyone wonder why? Doesn't matter because you can get your information right here and we will be at the next weeks Wednesday meeting too.  More to come so stay tuned.  As an FYI, the whole meeting can be viewed on the city councils website but the fun starts at agenda item 53,

6/30/08 Senate Set to Renew 1997 Law that Rewards the CPS to Kidnap Children
S. 3038 is the renewal of ASFA '97, the act that gives the states BILLION$ to kidnap and adopt out children on the flimsiest anonymous allegation, even known malicious false accusations. 

Adoption and Safe Families Act of 1997 (PL 105-89), also widely known as ASFA '97 was the program designed to promote and increase the number of adoptions from foster care by rewarding states that increased adoptions each year.

ASFA '97 sunsets on September 30, 2008.

In the Senate RIGHT NOW is the-

"Improved Adoption Incentives and Relative Guardianship Support Act of 2008 (S. 3038) - Amends part E (Foster Care and Adoption Assistance) of title IV of the Social Security Act (SSA) to: (1) extend the adoption incentives program through FY2012; (2) increase the incentive payment to a state for exceeding the highest ever foster child adoption rate; (3) increase incentive payments for special needs adoptions and older child adoptions; (4) revise requirements for the adoption assistance program to promote the adoption of children with special needs; and (5) give states the option to provide for relative guardianship assistance payments for children." 


Beginning with Mondale's "Child Abuse Prevention and Treatment Act of 1974 (CAPTA '74), a war was launched upon America's families.  

Soon after came "The Adoption Assistance and Child Welfare Act of 1980"  "The Act required all states to establish an adoption subsidy program and remove the financial disincentives to states by providing federal dollars to be used as a portion of adoption subsidy payments for children previously eligible for the Title IV-E Foster Care Program.

Then came the "Adoption and Safe Families Act of 1997" (PL 105-89).  

This nightmare is now bleeding the Social Security system for $7 Billion a year.

CONSEQUENCES- The "Collateral Damage"

What quickly evolved was- Malfeasant "investigations" conducted under the color of law, consisting of character assassination, hiding exculpatory evidence, "evidence" fabrication from thin air and bald faced lies both in Affidavits and Sworn Testimony in court, holding the kids hostage to coerce "cooperation", and obstructing parents until the "15 months of 22 months" clock tolls for automatic Termination of Parental Rights (TPR).

As evidenced by the Texas FLDS fiasco, where the standard method of operation of CPS was put on every television in the world, there is not even the pretense of the REQUIRED BY LAW "Reasonable Efforts" being made to prevent children being kidnapped from their homes.

We now have unconstitutional "family courts" where every actor, including the "judge" is part of the "prosecution team". The court-appointed attorneys do not offer anything resembling a "vigorous defense"- unlike what happened on behalf of the FLDS in Texas.  

If people commit a crime against a child, then it should be treated as a CRIME, not as SORT OF a civil lawsuit.  The accused is prejudged "Guilty", having no Miranda Rights, no Constitutional Rights, no due process, no fair and impartial court, no defense.

We urge you to tell your Senators to vote NO on both S. 3038 and H.R. 6307.

Contact your Senators TODAY!  Tell them to END the War on Families.  


6/22/08 Lakeville Police Breaking An Entry
Just because your door isn't locked, it doesn't give anyone a right to enter your home without permission.  At 3am this guy was woken up in his bedroom with flashlights in his face from the Lakeville police department as a friendly reminder to shut his garage door.  Is this good public policy?  Watch the video below to see what the police saw to judge for yourself it this was an unlawful entry by the police department.


6/17/08 Obama Selling Out Fathers On Fathers Day
Apparently Obama is unaware that most divorces are brought on by women because he put all the blame for the family breakdown squarely on men.  Nice way to celebrate fatherhood on Fathers Day by pandering to the women voters and playing on the misunderstood notion of the deadbeat parent.  One of his quotes were fathers "have abandoned their responsibilities, acting like boys instead of men."  Let me remind everyone that there has never been an academic study ever produced to show that parents have been systematically abandoning their children.  Given that, one has to wonder where is he getting his information from?


6/18/08 Ron Paul's Campaign For President Has Ended But The Revolution Has Begun
Ron Paul discussing the next steps to restoring our rights as citizens.  While we may not agree on all of his ideas he is still fighting for the rights of the citizens to have a balanced government and has been black balled by the major media outlets.  Check out


6/12/08 Guest on Speechless Show Talking About The Right of First Refusal?
  Speechless show hosted by Tim Kinley talking about a fathers experience at the YMCA in Andover when he tried to check his daughter out early from daycare with a court order specifying he had the right.

6/11/08 Ask the YMCA in Andover, why they would place a business interest ahead of one of our inalienable rights?
First day of summer vacation and the kids are in daycare, but what if you are home and available, shouldn't a court order specifying the right of first refusal be enough to check your kids out of the YMCA if you have joint legal custody?  Ask the YMCA why a business decision to enroll your child into their YMCA programs against your will can become a financial incentive affecting one of our inalienable rights as citizens and the police are afraid to do anything about it.

5/26/08 False OFP Case Of Incident
These videos are in reference to the 5/2/08 Video of an OFP Hearing by False Accuser for that story Click here
Video 1 Damage to Door Part 1

Video 2 Damage to Door Part 2

5/24/08 Pioneer Press Ad Requesting Grand Jury Investigation
There are certain rights that the citizens just can't negotiate away on behalf of others, and those rights are called our inalienable rights.  In other words, the voters in our Democracy just can't vote on, negotiate or take away our inalienable rights without allowing for the exception of individualism and a fair trial with the appropriate burden of proof.  To protect and respect our naturally occurring rights, anything less than clear and convincing evidence beyond a reasonable doubt is not only a crime against humanity but is also an insult and an attack on our individual freedoms and constitutions.

DRaFT--> Resolution FOr POLITICAL PArty'S TO ADOPt

This resolution is needed for the future sovereignty for the citizens of the State of Minnesota to be free from false prosecutions of crimes not sufficiently proven by our justice system and the following resolution is therefore being presented at this convention to reaffirm our party’s continued commitment to the citizen’s inalienable rights endowed to us by our Creator under natural law, common law and both our Minnesota State and US Constitutions.

RECOGNIZING, there is no bond more precious than the natural bond between a parent and a child and any state statute or policing action that infringes upon a citizens natural right must adhere to the proper protections of the law with the utmost scrutiny and caution.

FURTHER RECOGNIZING that any attack on our citizen’s inalienable rights without due process of law by a state agency will result in our citizens being falsely accused of group crimes they did not commit, produce invalid confessions and will allow for false propaganda to deceive our citizens.  By putting the state interests or now the mobs interest ahead of the citizen’s inalienable rights given to us by our Creator, the mob will have unbridled power to essentially rule over all aspects of our citizen’s lives thus resulting in numerous crimes against humanity and justice.  With the awesome power of our own police, military and judicial forces at a mobs disposal, together they will be used against the citizens to instill unspeakable acts of abuse, torture and terror which, sometimes even results in the needless loss of life.

This resolution will help reaffirm and restore the rightful authority of our inalienable rights back to our citizens and must be adopted as part of our party’s platform to help ensure compliance of our party’s intended purpose to represent the free and sovereign citizens of the State of Minnesota as outlined by our Constitutions. 

NOW, THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED that this political party of Minnesota will from this day forward, forever recognize that the right of the people to parent their children is an inalienable right under natural law, common law, and the Minnesota State Constitution.

AND BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED that the standard of proof for the state to limit or remove any inalienable right must be raised from a preponderance of evidence standard to the appropriate legal burden necessary that is used to restrict any other inalienable right by providing clear and convincing evidence beyond a reasonable doubt.

5/19/08 The Union Say's, No Negotiating on Beyond a Reasonable Doubt!
Folks, the plain and simple truth of it all this is the preponderance of evidence invasion into our court rooms is something we as American Citizens just can't budge on when it comes to our inalienable rights.  The power of the mob to rule our lives is what a preponderance of evidence allows in our court rooms and that means justice across our states becomes skewed by which state or mob is more corrupt than the other.  We as citizens should all be worried when our government can re-write our contracts that we entered into legally.  We should be worried that the government and it's allies can make a claim of truth without having to provide any proof of the evidence and if you are the defendant it is your job to prove otherwise where a series of fact shopping occurs resulting in the states claims superseding the defendants actual facts.  Forced confessions that result in subsequent evidence that supports the version of the mobs story to suit their interest by ignoring the individual rights to be free from such observations is a crime against freedom. 

The power of our government to be able to group any individual into any category they wish and because they say you are part of that group you are guilty.  Whether that group is being rich and so they should pay more taxes or if they are poor and they should get a job, everyone is an individual and that is what our country was based on, individual freedoms that can't be taken away from you without a jury of your peers based on evidence that is clear and convincing beyond a reasonable doubt.  Everyone should be judged based on the crimes they commit and not judged based on the crimes that have been alleged.

If we budge on this fundamental right now, who's to say what other problems we will be faced with in the future.  We must stand firm and request that any inalienable right must adhere to the our highest law of the land and the people are innocent until proven guilty beyond a reasonable doubt. In other words, people should no longer be able to just state their grievances in court, they have to prove it. 

The standard now is where if what the mob or the states claim is true and constitutes a crime, you must defend yourself as if your were guilty of the crime being charged but as we know when the state is saying it or making the claim, there is no defense an innocent citizen can make to prove that what the states claim isn't true about the individual because they have already found you the citizen guilty of statistically being part of that group, hence, the loss of our individual freedoms and rights.  You lose one, you lose them all and sooner or later you will be a victim one way or another, directly or indirectly by this type of injustice.  It gets even worse, right now this problem is creeping into our criminal system as well, so don't think this is just a concern for a few of us, parents are just the first casualties of this war on individual rights.  If you ask me, everyone should all be scared with power our government and judges have over us especially when a preponderance of evidence is so freely allowed to rule our court systems.  A preponderance of evidence standard for inalienable rights constitutes due process violations everywhere and we need to restore our rights now for our future generations by not budging on the fact that any inalienable right can not be limited or taken from a citizen without due process of law that encompasses the proper protections in place that allow for clear and convincing evidence beyond a reasonable doubt.

With that said, while raising the standard of evidence allowed would be a step in the right direction and would reduce the number casualties for the families and children yet to face these injustices, we just can't give on this particular ground and it pains me to know that the families and children are going to suffer the most while our legislators continue to think they can run our state like a business that has a monopoly over it's citizens rights by putting their interests ahead of the citizens.

5/18/08 Seminar On Restoring Our Rights
 The first seminar will be June 14th and it will provide you with the necessary case law and background to help everyone exercise their inalienable natural rights in our courts systems, so, be sure to stay tuned here for more seminar updates if you are interested.  For more information or to RSVP for the seminar send an email to all proceeds go back to the community fighting in federal court and so forth so don't think it's completely over yet.  In other words, we still have to hold them accountable to clean up their mess.  For the latest version of the resolution to be proposed from the revisers office of MN click here.

"We the sovereign people of the state of Minnesota do hereby resolve that the right to parent our children is an inalienable right under natural law, common law & the Minnesota state constitution therefore, the standard of proof for the state to limit or remove a child from a parent is a legal burden and must at least or at a minimum provide clear and convincing evidence to show probable cause."

5/13/08 Contribute Part of Your Tax Refunds To A Good Cause
Come on, there are plenty of non-profit orgs you can donate or contribute to.  I suggest everyone donate at least 10% of their refunds to at least one of the orgs in our community.  It all costs money which in case you haven't noticed none of us are on any governmentally funded bandwagons. So, instead of our gov having this money for more out of control liberal programs and policies heck, why not give it back to some of us starving groups that haven't even been recognized by the American people as being a problem of great social concern yet. 

I have news for you folks, this is it, there aren't any other groups fighting for your rights at the capitols which is why groups that fight for your rights are important because the individual politician at the capitol isn't powerful enough to beat the system either.  That said, Pioneer Press Ad, National Father Less Day and the DCRally2008, are all coming up and we need your contributions and donations to finish this ridiculous injustice forced upon our citizens. -HD

5/12/08 Educating the Public-To the right is a preview of a full-page ad that will be running in the Pioneer Press throughout the Mid-West scheduled to start May 28th, the day before the State Republican convention in Rochester, MN.  Click here to help donate for this effort. For a bigger picture click on the image.

The People of the state of Minnesota, in our constitution, Article 6, Section 9 demand that the Legislature discipline the judges.

5/7/08 Putting MN Legislators On Notice To Obey Their Oath of Office
Nancy Lazaryan serving the executive, legislative and judicial branches of our government that they will be prosecuted if they do not uphold the constitution which is part of their oath of office.





M.S. Sec. 351.02 VACANCIES.
Every office shall become vacant on the happening of either of the following events, before
the expiration of the term of such office:
(1) the death of the incumbent;
(2) the incumbent's resignation;
(3) the incumbent's removal;
(4) the incumbent's ceasing to be an inhabitant of the state, or, if the office is local, of the
district, county or city for which the incumbent was elected or appointed, or within which the
duties of the office are required to be discharged;
(5) the incumbent's conviction of any infamous crime, or of any offense involving a violation
of the official oath;

Unless otherwise provided for, when a vacancy in an elective office is authorized to be filled
by appointment, such appointment shall continue until the next general election occurring after there is sufficient time to give the notice prescribed by law, and until a successor is elected and has qualified.
When any state officer, excepting the lieutenant governor, shall be temporarily suspended from the performance of the duties of office by reason of having been impeached, the governor shall appoint some suitable person to exercise the duties of such office during the time of such suspension, and such person, before entering upon the duties, shall comply with the requirements of law relating to the same, and during incumbency shall be governed in the administration thereof by all laws enacted in reference thereto, and receive the compensation provided by law for such office.

 EVERY state officer swears an OATH of OFFICE that states he/she will UPHOLD the state and federal constitutions...violate the constitution(s), you are OUT of office.


5/2/08 Video of an OFP Hearing by a False Accuser
  The defendant had a video camera of the alleged domestic violence offense and played it for the judge to see.  The mother's request for an OFP was denied after getting caught in numerous lies and deceptions.  The video is 1.5 hours long and will take a while to watch but it is definitely worth it just to see someone actually get caught trying to use the system like so many vindictive parents have been doing.


To download video click here: Judge WF Sinclair Ohio County 08h14m01s.asf

Videos of Alleged Incident click here


5/3/08 The big list: Female teachers with students

Click here for the BIG List of Female Predators Just Over the Last Couple Years

4/22/08 Last 10 Minutes of Darren Mack's Custody Case
This video is being brought up because Darren Mack's appeal for murdering his EX wife was denied and wanted to share this video with my viewers so everyone could see for themselves if Darren was treated unfairly by this Judge.


3/10/08 Molly Olson Testifying for HF1262
The Need To Change Course In The Family Courts
Joint Physical Custody is in the best interest of our children assuming no abuse or neglect has occurred to a reasonable level of standard before invading our parental rights.


3/7/08 St Paul MN Capitol Press Release

For a better picture or printable version click here:   http://upro. us/files/ CapitolPressRelease.pdf

3/6/08 Baskerville-60,000 plain clothed armed agents dedicated to going after parents!
That is seven times the number of agents fighting the global war on drugs.  This video does a good job at describing and explaining the problem and offers some interesting solutions.


3/2/08 The Anoka/Duluth: Abuse of Power and Control Wheel

3/1/08 From: Stephen Baskerville
Describes my new book, Taken Into Custody: The War Against Fathers, Marriage, and the Family
A must have book for anyone interested in understanding the issues in the family courts.

2/27/08 St Paul MN Capitol Press Release

When two fit loving parents exist the above statement is true about every child's best interest.  For a better picture or printable version click here:   http://upro. us/files/ Capitol-Rally- Update.pdf


2/15/08 Say No To Bills: S803 and H1386

Spread the word and say NO to Federal Bills S803 and H1386

Check out the following links to see who else is supporting these bills.


2/12/08 Legislators Acting Above the Law

Basically all MN Legislators have given them selves a raise illegally through per diems and this group is holding them accountable because they are not above the law.

A formal complaint was officially entered into the Ramsey County District Court regarding unlawful compensation through per diem payments for basically all of our legislators. Just about every legislator gets about $12,000 a year extra in unaccounted per diems that they get every time they show up for work. Currently the Senators get $96 a day and the House Representatives get $77 per day. While it's understandable for the legislators that travel to the capitol that live outside of the community or have more than one job deserve a per diem but this is in addition to the mileage and actual expenses that they are already reimbursed for which begs the question is this right? In the business world companies and the IRS don't even allow this much for per diems without taxing it as income. Not only that and there are at least 6 other violations than just this but our states constitution states that no increase of compensation shall take effect during the period for which the house members of the legislative body have been elected and they did this last year without properly ratifying it.  

So basically in a nutshell, our legislators have taken it upon themselves to give themselves a raise and tried to hide in the sense of per diems. The senate charged $987,382.50 and the house charged $1,216,382.62 in 2007 which totals $2,203,765 in unaccounted expenses, it's illegal and they need to give us back our money. -HD



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