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Domestic Violence in the family courts has been redefined to include anything that causes displeasure. 

American Citizens are being evicted from their homes without a shred of evidence that they have committed any legal infraction.

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The United Peoples Rights Organization is an Advertising and IT Media Consulting Company from Coon Rapids Minnesota that is focused on the rights of the underrepresented people by uniting individuals and other organizations wishing to make positive changes for the American People by promoting ideas and solutions that the regular media outlets refuse to share with the general public because of their own private interests.  This organization is focused on the rights of the people as outlined by our constitutions to live a life free from governmental or corporate intrusion of unreasonable search and seizures of our personal information, property and related liberty interests.

The United Peoples Rights Organization acknowledges and reveres the sovereignty of the individual as utmost importance and is focused on the needs of the community by bringing about issues related to anti-constitutional legislation, elected officials and judicial officers that fail to uphold our rights as citizens.

We believe no organization or entity, public or private, is above our unalienable natural laws and have the utmost respect for human life and our liberty interests. 

We believe in fair trade laws and a free market with limited governmental involvement or regulation and looks to share solutions that bring about equality by bringing the people up instead of trying to create equality by bringing others down.

We believe medical care is an unalienable right but do not support a monopoly of our medical care coverage by our government and instead is focused on using the power of the people to support legislation that protects patients or consumer rights to be free from corporate or government price gouging on the American People.

We believe society has a responsibility to educate and provide everyone with an equal opportunity to become self sufficient by providing education, medical care and opportunities for job growth without discrimination based on age, race, gender, spiritual beliefs, financial security or private sexual orientation. 

The United Peoples Rights Organization also focuses on central issues related to the working class and small businesses by limiting governmental growth by focusing on the essential needs of our society and making sure corporations, legislators, governmental employees or contractors and corporate executives are not taking more than their fair share by having a monopoly over our citizenís rights.

Given that the family is essential to the existence of the human race, the main focus of this organization right now is on PARENTAL RIGHTS and restoring our commitment to this institution as our creator God has intended.

In God We Trust, Without God, We Are Lost!


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