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Bottom line, most of these organization are broke due to the oppression they are facing but if you want to help this rally for peoples rights going, we could us a $25 donation for 4 bracelets. is not set up as non-profit organization all this stuff is intertwined with goofy tax laws and other complicated stuff that prevents this organization from wanting to join the non-profit status.  The donation option presented on this page is for a for profit business that goes through JFK Enterprises Inc.  You won't get a tax deduction or any other benefits unless you do other business with them directly. can provide receipts and will send a bracelet for any generous donation of $25 you shall make.  This organization needs resources bad and could really use your support.  Whatever you choose, thanks for your voluntary support.

Also be sure to check out other equal rights groups within the UPRO community like R-Kids or CPR.  MN resident can also donate for free $50 to their local party or candidates and get reimbursed on their taxes for it so consider the options available or contact us for more information.  If nothing else, just hit the button and say good bye to $25 bucks that you will never miss anyways which will be used for a good cause.



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